Top 5 Benefits of Kelulut Honey

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Kelulut Honey has been shown to lessen scarring, treat burns, promote internal and external wound healing, reduce swelling and sores inside the mouth  
  • It is a great treatment for upper respiratory infections – reduces symptoms of cough, soothes throat and freshens breath 
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Kelulut Honey is used for medicinal, nutritive and therapeutic purposes

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Kelulut Honey contains up to 10 times higher antioxidant properties than regular honey (source: MARDI)

Antioxidant Properties

  • Honey is known for its antioxidant-rich properties, which help with infection and unwanted bacteria and virus 
  • Kelulut Honey contains highest amount of flavonoids which slows down cell degeneration, and is effective for anti-ageing 
  • Honey, in general, reduces oxidative stress in the body

Immune Boosting Properties

  • Kelulut Honey’s powerful antimicrobial properties protect our immune system. It is packed with immune-boosting antioxidants to help with infections, and ward off unwanted bacteria and virus
  • Kelulut Honey is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs moisture, and is able to treat throat infection/dry cough.  
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In Ayurveda, honey is used as a catalyst to improve the effectiveness and to reduce the side effects, of the medications to your body

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Kelulut Honey is suitable for children 

Digestive Support

  • Fermentation process in Kelulut Honey is unique – dynamic microbial/microflora activities where the microorganisms produce enzymes
  • The active enzymes in Kelulut Honey facilitate the chemical breakdown of foods, as well as probiotics or good bacteria, both vital in promoting a well-functioning digestive system
  • Kelulut Honey can help prevent constipation and hyperacidity (excess hydrochloric acid in gastric juice)

Low In Sugar

  • Up to 85% of sugar in Kelulut Honey is trehalulose, a form of rare sugar with low glycemic index (GI)
  • With its low GI, Kelulut Honey is ideal for weight watchers/diabetic patients who still want the benefit of a Superfood
  • Interestingly, trehalulose is also acariogenic which means it doesn’t cause tooth decay
Do you know?

Kelulut Honey’s glycemic index is 3.5 times lower than that of regular honey