30 Honey Sticks x 7g

Honey is one of the purest and most natural foods, with the greatest amount of benefits to our health.

Kelulut Honey by KALIA is derived from the Trigona species of stingless bee. It is sourced from the remote rainforests, situated away from urbanization and pollution, as stingless bees cannot live in polluted areas. This is to ensure that our naturally harvested wild honey is of superior quality, and is 100% pure and natural.

100% raw Kelulut Honey in 30 convenient individual honey sticks

  • Great for travel
  • Convenient for workouts
  • Ideal snack for work or school
  • Health on the go! 

One-Time Purchase

RM 98.00 per box


  • Kelulut or stingless bees share resemblance to a housefly.  They are small in size between 3-10mm
  • Advantage of its small size – ability to access flower nectars from the deepest spaces of the blossoms, making Kelulut Honey richer in concentration of plant minerals and nutrients
  • Disadvantage of its small size – difficulty to collect nectar, during rainy season, due to their smaller physique and foraging distance, resulting in lower production during this period
  • Kelulut honey reflects its surroundings.  Its taste varies at different times of the year, and is greatly influenced by the flowers and nectars the bees are feeding on
  • It contains less sugar concentrate called trehalulose, hence the tangy flavour with sweet and sour taste
  • Texture is thinner, more diluted
  • Kelulut honey is high in antioxidant 
  • It contains natural gluconic acid, which is an effective anti-ageing property
  • Presence of micro-organisms which produce enzymes and natural probiotics. Good for healthier gut! 
  • Several studies have shown that Kelulut Honey possesses pharmacological properties such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial

Kelulut Honey Trivia

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"Health is not just a goal, it is a lifestyle choice"

KALIA is a wellness company driven by the belief that, happiness and wellness go hand in hand.  Our goal is to create an easy and nutritious way for everyone, to incorporate Kelulut Honey  into their daily routine.