KALIA was born out of the intention to share my story.

Hopefully, my life experiences can benefit someone out there, who may find them relevant.

I was born in Malaysia, educated in Australia, and have worked all over the globe. I am a naturally curious person – curious about people, curious about their lives, what made them who they are.
I always seek new knowledge, and I learn from them.
That is why I enjoy traveling.  Learning about other cultures and traditions, other customs and way of life, excites me!
I value my health.
I keep a healthy lifestyle – I exercise almost daily, I always aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep at night, and I eat everything in moderation.  I always try to stay positive because the alternative is just way too draining; both mentally and physically. 

I maintain a steady social connection with my loved ones – go on a walk/hike, catch up over coffee or just via text.  Social connectedness, or loving people, keeps me emotionally and physically healthy.  It is also good for my mental health.  I also treasure my alone time, as it gives me time to reflect.

I believe that a balanced physical, mental and spiritual health is key to wellness.

I am a mother of three, and currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.